Ilusias | Lightshow & Fireshow

An opening light show Pixel Graphic

The last guests take their seats at the table, the hall goes dark, and your company logo starts to illuminate the room. It dances and spins in rhythm with the thematic music. Forget banners left unnoticed in the corner. What if you decided to display your brand in a truly original way?

Zjistit více

Searching for an opening performance to your conference, corporate event, or wedding? The Pixel Graphic Show will display your company logo or the name of the newlyweds in a truly original way. Just say the word.

Let your logo shine!

This show can also include the logo of your company, city or event partners, which we will display during our show using Pixel Poi technology.


4 min

programme length


number of performers

6 x 4 m

necessary space


best performed in darkness

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